The highest quality all natural, non-toxic penetrating oil finishes for all types of woodwork and more!

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Note on Shipping small items! If you are trying to order small sizes of our products like the 4oz, quarts or sample packs, the system is waaaaayyy overestimating the shipping costs at this time. We are trying to fix this issue and are aware of it! You will NOT be charged that high shipping cost, never fear. You can continue the order online and we will contact you with the correct, lower shipping cost or you can contact us to get a quote. You are only ever charged the correct shipping cost at the time we make the shipping label. For example, a 4oz sample, shipping is around $8-$10, for quarts it's around $10-$15. We ship FedEx Ground. I hope this helps in the meantime. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will continue to endeavor to fix the glitch! Thanks for your patience. For the 3 and 5 gallon sizes, these are more accurate - usually slightly overestimated but not grossly so. If you have better rates, we can happy ship products to you on your account just let us know. Thank you!

3 gallon pail, Exterior Finish all natural non toxic beeswax based oil finish 5 gallon pail, Liquid Wax End Sealer 1 gallon pail, Original Finish
This is our Original Finish with an added mildewcide and UV protector. Use anywhere outside! Packaged in a 3 gallon steel pail with a pour spout top in the lid. $93/gallon. Coverage about 350 sq. ft./gal. on the first coat and more on the subsequent coats. NEW! This is our newest product designed with Zero VOCs, all natural, non toxic, penetrating oils and wax for a finish you can use anywhere safely. It is food safe once dry, so you can use it on counters, butcher block, cutting boards, bowls, spoons, toys and more. Proven protection and lasting beauty all as safely as possible! Packaged in a fully recyclable glass bottle. Packaged in a 5 gallon epoxy-lined steel pail with pour spout in the removable lid. $96/gal. The finish comes in a one-gallon epoxy lined metal paint-style can with metal handle and lid lock ring. Coverage about 350 sq. ft./gal. on the first coat and more on the subsequent coats.
1 quart, Liquid Wax End Sealer 1 gallon pail, Pure Citrus Solvent Heritage Sample Pack
Our richest product we make! Our Liquid Wax End Sealer is a great joinery/end grain sealer and a beautiful, lasting buffing wax for a variety of surfaces. Packaged in a one quart, epoxy phenolic lined paint can with lid locks.

The finish comes packaged in a metal one gallon, standard solvent can with a child resistant cap and metal top handle. Our four primary natural oil finishes: A 4 oz. glass bottle each of Original Finish, Exterior Finish, Concentrated Finishing Oil, and 2 oz. of Liquid Wax End Sealer. Ships via USPS Ground. Contact us for more accurate shipping quotes than shown here.
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