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Our Special-Aged Linseed Oil is made from flax grown in the Red River Valley of the U.S. and Canada. Our oil is purified and refined by natural oxidation and blowing, and dries as clear or clearer than tung oil, with none of the characteristic discoloration that is typical of hardware store varieties of Linseed Oil. No other finishing oil penetrates as deeply into wood. Not polymerized when sold as simply pure Special Aged Linseed Oil. The difference between 'Special-Aged' and pure 'Raw' linseed oil is the amount of proteins in the finish and the yellowing-effect. Our Linseed Oil doesn't yellow like the raw linseed oil and is much more mildew resistant. And like all our ingredients, there are no artificial driers added!

Product Package Sizes: 4 oz. glass bottles, 1 quart pour-top cans, 1 gallon plastic pails, 3.5 gallon plastic pails with a pour spout
and tear-top lid, 5 gallon pails with a pour spout and tear-top lid, and 55 gallon steel drums.