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Yes, that's right, Heritage Natural Finishes aren't just for wood any more! It turns out that our finishes produce a beautiful and rugged surface on earth work! We make a special earthen floor oil and wax for Claylin, Inc. that is called Claylin Oil and Claylin Wax which you can order through Sukita Crimmel at Claylin, Inc. HERE. First, build up coats with our Claylin Oil Finish, then top coat with Claylin Wax. For more information about oiling Earthen Floors, please contact Sukita at 503.957.6132 or on her website HERE.

"Earthen floors are laid as a wet mix of clay rich soil, sand and fiber. After drying, these raw floors are sealed with many layers of linseed oils mixed with thinner and then finished with a wax or resin. The Natural Earth Finish from Heritage Natural Finishes works great for me. It already has citrus thinner in it, which I absolutely prefer. I apply many layers, until the floor is full and then let it dry for about a week. I then use their Liquid Wax End Sealer, applying with a buffer...beautiful! I have also been playing around with the pigmented oils; they color the basic brown floor nicely.” -Sukita Crimmel, From These Hands, LLC

How to calculate how much oil & wax you need to finish your earthen floor, use this formula (from Sukita):

4 coats of Concentrated Finish Oil (Earth Finish) is a product of 0.023 x total square feet of earthen floor (ex: 350 sq. ft. to cover x 0.023 = 8.05 gallons needed)

6 coats of Concentrated Finish Oil (Earth Finish) is a product of 0.029 x total square feet of earthen floor.

1 coat of Liquid Wax End Sealer is a product of .002 x total square feet of earthen floor.

Clean Up:
For spills, over spray, or to clean up brushes, use our Pure Citrus Solvent or other solvent (Turpentine, Mineral Spirits, etc.).
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Earth Finish sample
Price: $10.00

4 oz. glass bottle of Earth Finish. Note on shipping: These will ship via USPS for much less then the FedEx Ground quote here!
Earth Finish - 1 quart
Price: $36.00

Packaged in a one quart, clear glass round jar with wide-mouth metal screw-top lid.
Earth Finish - 1 Gallon
Price: $78.00

The finish comes in a one-gallon epoxy lined metal paint-style can.
Earth Finish - 3 Gallon
Price: $225.00
New Price: $180.00
You save $45.00!

Packaged in a 3 gallon steel pail with a pour spout top. $75/gallon.
Earth Finish - 5 Gallon
Price: $360.00

Packaged in a heavy duty 5 gallon, epoxy phenolic lined steel pail with a pour spout top in the lid.
Heritage Earth Finish - 55 Gallon Drum
Price: $3,190.00

Product is packaged in a 55 gallon steel phenolic lined drum with two standard bung openings (works out to $58/gallon). We ships drum orders with a Freight carrier and will have to get back to you with an accurate rate quote. The rate quote shown on this site will give you a very high rate with FedEx Ground. Just click it anyway and we will adjust the price down once we get the correct shipping rate for you and contact you with the real cost.
Photo credit: Photo submitted by Sukita Crimmel, From These Hands, LLC. Portland, OR. Used with permission.