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Our finishes are a premium penetrating oil finish handcrafted in small batches with the highest quality, all natural ingredients from sustainable resources. Heritage Natural Finishes are made without the use of toxic heavy metal dryers, chemical processing, petroleum distillates or bleaching. All of our products are biodegradable, non-ozone depleting, and are listed in several leading green building material publications and can be used on large timbers, logs, T&G, cabinets, doors and more!

Originally developed for the unique finishing requirements of large timbers and logs, Heritage Natural Finishes produce a superior, natural and easily repaired finish on any woodwork, enhancing the patina and grain pattern of the species to which it is applied. Because it contains no drying agents of any kind, Heritage Natural Finishes may be left on the wood surfaces for extended times, from a hour to overnight without gumming or hardening, thus greatly enhancing absorption into the wood. Our natural oil finish continues to wick deeper into the fibers, grain, and checks long after the surface is dry.

Heritage Natural Finishes, LLC (formerly called Land Ark Northwest, LLC) is a small company that is fully committed to providing the highest quality products that are both safe for the environment, the people applying it, and especially those living with it in their home. Heritage oil finishes are not only great for all types of woodwork, earthen floors, concrete and more, but it is pleasant to use. No harsh, toxic fumes normally associated with wood finishing! Just that famous orange smell we're known for! We also try to go out of our way to make sure you're getting the best for your wood. Next to making great wood and earth finishes, we want to provide excellent technical support for you and get your orders out quick! Reliable customer service is very important to us.


(we keep adding to the list, so check it often!)

  • Timbers
  • Logs
  • Tongue & Groove
  • Interior solid wood paneling
  • Wonderful on any wood furniture (not ideal on vaneers!)
  • Wood Siding (folks in Arizona say it saves their vinyl siding as well!)
  • Shingles
  • Trim
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Cabinets or Shelving
  • Counter-tops (wood, concrete, and earth)
  • Floors
  • Wood tool handles
  • Any farm equipment with wood (some says it's great on leather & metal too!)
  • Fences and fence posts
  • Decks
  • Greenhouse or garden beds
  • Kids wooden play sets or any wooden toys
  • Earthen Floors
  • Cob work
  • Concrete
  • Raw, unpolished marble
  • Canvas
  • Wooden Shoes
  • Antique and replica boats (yes, we have a replica full Viking ship coated with our Exterior Finish... sooooo cool!)
  • And so much more... have any new interesting uses? Let us know!


We disclose ALL ingredients that we use. Heritage Natural Finishes contain NO petroleum products, or metallic drying agents whatsoever! We use only the highest quality ingredients from the most sustainable sources possible. What you see here is what you get. If you have any questions, you can always call us!

tung nut Tung Oil: 100% pure with no additives. This is the highest quality tung oil available; drying harder and forming a more durable finish than linseed oil alone. Both oils are dryer-free and slightly heat-treated (polymerized).

Special Aged Linseed Oil: Obtained from flax grown in the Red River Valley of the U.S. and Canada. It is purified and refined by natural oxidation and blowing, and dries as clear or clearer than tung oil, with none of the characteristic discoloration that is typical of hardware store varieties. No other finishing oil penetrates as deeply into wood.

Beeswax: Only filtered, chemical and bleach-free white beeswax wax is used. Beeswax adds visual depth of grain, smoothness, and elastic durability. Beeswax forms a skim coat that keeps the finish on the wood, slowing the evaporation of the solvent, which gives the oils more time for absorption.

Pure Citrus Solvent: This is the purest form of citrus turpenes (solvent), extracted from cold-pressed orange peel oil. This is the only solvent used in our finishes, and is also sold separately for thinning product or cleaning up. Pure Citrus Solvent is a safer alternative to mineral spirits, and other harsh solvents and can be used the same way.

Pine R
osin: Gum rosin extracted from pine sap and separated from the turpentine. This is the gum rosin found in heart pine, giving the wood its hardness and durability. We use only top grade, crystal-free, water-white rosin. No synthetic resins are used.


  • Original Finish: our 'original liquid finish'; can be sprayed on with a pump-up airless sprayer for greater ease in application for large areas or on wood where a more quick absorption is desired. Suitable for use anywhere, not just inside.
  • Exterior Finish: is the Original Finish with both UVA and mildewcide added for extra protection in the weather.
  • Concentrated Finishing Oil: a richer mix of oils and solids with less solvent; best for hand application only. Can be used anywhere, but especially beautiful and rich on furniture and reclaimed wood, earthen floors and concrete.
  • Earth Finish/Claylin Oil & Wax: A rich and deeply penetrating all-natural finish for earth. Use for a hard and lasting finish on earthen floors or cob work. Made exclusively for Claylin Inc. and can be purchased through their company HERE.
  • Liquid Wax End Sealer: a great non-staining joinery sealer and end grain sealer for logs or timbers, but also makes a beautiful buffing wax over the top of any of our other finishes. This is especially beautiful as a top coat for earthen floors and any counter tops wood or concrete, window sills, tables, etc.
  • LEED Finish: This is a custom finish with the solvent level falling between the Concentrated Finishing Oil and the Original Finish so the VOC level meets LEED Platinum certification requirements. 5 gallon minimum special order.
  • Bee-Free Oil Finish: This is another custom order made completely without the use of beeswax!
  • Tung Oil Finish: This is our pure high grade Tung Oil mixed with Pure Citrus Solvent for easier penetration into wood surfaces.
  • BeesBlock Oil: Zero VOC, food safe wiping oil for butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden utensils, toys and more. Penetrating oils and organic beeswax.
  • We also sell our individual oils separately: Pure Tung Oil, Pure Special Aged Linseed Oil, Pure Citrus Solvent, and 1 lb. white beeswax cakes.
Photo credit: Woodwork and photo by Bear Creek Timberwrights, Inc., Victor, MT. Used with permission.