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** Due to rapidly increasing costs and limited availability of both Tung Oil & the Pure Citrus Solvent, we have had to increase our prices pretty considerably but the prices listed here will be steady for the rest of this year.

Sample Quart
1 Gallon
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
55 Gal. Drum**

Original Finish
$10 $36 $80 $234 ($78/g) $375 ($75/g) $3300 ($60/g)
Exterior Finish
$39 $95 $279 ($93/g) $445 ($89/g) $4125 ($75/g)
Liquid Wax End Sealer
$10 $42 $105 $306 ($102/g) $480 ($96/g) $4675 ($85/g)
Concentrated Finishing Oil
$10 $36 $78 $225 ($75/g) $360 ($72/gal) $3300 ($60/g)
LEED Finish* meets LEED req's for indoor air quality$10$40$95$279 ($93/g)$445 ($89/gal)$3850 ($70/g)
Earth Finish$10$36$78$225 ($75/g)$360 ($72/gal)$3300 ($60/g)
Tung Oil Finish (50/50 mix Pure Tung Oil & Solvent)$10$30$60$174 ($58/g)$280 ($56/g)$2750 ($50/g)
Pure Tung Oil$10$32$55$159 ($53/g)$250 ($50/g)$2200 ($40/g)
Special Aged Linseed Oil
$10 $30 $48 $138 ($46/g)
$210 ($42/g)$2090 ($38/g)
Pure Citrus Solvent*
$10 $35 $89 $258 ($86/g) $415 ($83/g)$4125 ($75/g)

Misc. Pricing:

New! BeesBlock Oil: $14 for 4oz bottle, $30 per quart, $75 for 1 gallon.

Sample packs – Our five main wood finishes $30. (Includes the Original Finish, Exterior Finish, Concentrated Oil, Liquid Wax End Sealer, & BeesBlock Oil. The shipping is around $15 for these via FedEx Ground. Please ignore the online quote, it shows very high and not real at all, the same goes for if you order one or two of the small samples of Mixol, the online shipping quote is WAY off. Don't panic, you won't be charged that amount!)

M-1 Mildewcide Additive - to treat 1 gal = $8 ea., to treat 5 gal = $22 ea. (you add)

UVA additives for 1 gal container = $14 ea, for 5 gal container = $65 (you mix)

Pure White Beeswax, 1 pound cakes- $12.95/lb

Gunstock Oil 4oz bottle - $12.95 ea. Gunstock Wax 2oz bottle - $10.95 ea. (inquire about case discounts for wholesalers)

Canadian Orders:
  • Canadian orders have additional duties, taxes and brokerage fees that are calculated by FedEx Trade Networks. These get billed to you separately (whenever they send us the bill!).
  • Canadian check bank processing fee $15 (sorry this is what our bank charges us!) – needs to be in USD.
  • If you are paying by check, please remit within 10 days of your order. We are a small company and can't offer long term credits and open accounts. Late fees will be incurred for late payments.


** The 55-gallon drum price is our bulk/wholesale price. It doesn’t include shipping. Product ships via FedEx Freight in a steel, epoxy-phenolic lined 55-gallon drum (closed top with standard bung openings for liquid finishes, and open top with metal removable ring for Liquid Wax orders). There is no cheaper per gallon price than this for anyone!

Contact Us:

Heritage Natural Finishes, LLC
P.O. Box 307 (mailing address)
25 S. 200 E. (physical address)
Escalante, Utah 84726

Phone: (541) 844-8748
Toll Free: 1-888-526-3275

Fax: (435) 213-2232


* If you are interested in becoming a wholesale distributor, please contact Thanks!