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Here are a few super sweet folks that took some of their precious time to give us their thumbs up. Thanks so much! Most of our business is word of mouth so we sincerely appreciate your good opinion and sharing!

- Heritage Natural Finish is the best finish we have found for wood. We work with solid timber, and the finish soaks in and penetrates the wood, giving it a beautiful luster and protecting it. We use a many gallons each year and love it! - Gabel & Whit Holder, Holder Brothers Timber Frames, Monroe, GA

- We have been using Heritage Natural Finish since before it was Heritage. We started using it as an oil finish for timber frames and an end seal for the ends of our timbers. But over the years we have used it on furniture, cabinets and most recently as a hardwood floor finish. I have a couple pieces of furniture we take to display at home shows, they sit in the back of the truck in rain, sun, ice and snow. Dry them off and rub on a quick coat of Heritage, and its back to new. I love it, and will always use it. - Stephen Morrison, MoreSun Custom Woodworking, Mountain Rest, SC

- I have been a regular customer of Heritage Natural Finishes for many years. Our timber framing company, SwiftSure Timberworks, recommends Heritage's (formerly Land Ark) Original Finish as our first choice to every one of our clients. More than thirty of our clients have chosen this finish for the projects over the past seven years. I applied Heritage’s Original Finish to the exposed Douglas fir beams in my own home, and the finish is as rich and attractive as the day we finished the house in 2007. In our company's long history dealing with Autumn Peterson and her staff, we have found them to be friendly, skillful, and cooperative, and their customer service has been consistently at the highest level. - Tim Allen, SwiftSure Timberworks, Medford, OR

- Our custom timber frame design/build company, Black Dog Timberworks LLC, uses Heritage Natural Finishes products regularly on all of our timbers. We highly recommend their product to our clients to preserve the look of their timber frame for years to come. I personally, also use Heritage finishes for my own home in both interior and exterior applications on timbers as well as for floors and other wood work. We purchase their product in both small quantities and by the pallet, and every order is delivered promptly and packaged carefully. They are extremely helpful in terms of customer service and in answering technical questions. - Rusty, Black Dog Timberworks, Hartford, ME

-There are many companies out there today claiming to be "green" or caring about "authenticity." Few, in my view, actually provided either and most of the time it is just a "re-branding" of a more modern materials, advertising hype, and sales technicians trying to sell something they know little about... If anyone is looking for advise and guidance in historic and/or natural finishes they need not really look further. I have recommended Heritage Natural Finishes above all others for over 20 years now. They have been my "go to" source for any finishing project I have, and at minimum, their materials make it on every single one of them either in part or in whole. The name really says everything...and that is what they produce better than anyone... - Jay C. White Cloud, Tosa Tomo Designs, Thetford, VT

- We build outdoor Maine Adirondack Chairs of native White Cedar and use Heritage Natural Finishes as our exclusive finish when customers request oil finish. Our search for a high end finish has ended and we trust the formula that Heritage has put together. Customers love the fact that we're using natural ingredients to bring out the best features of our cedar chairs and accessories. - Rob Lemire, Grapevine Hill Woodworking, Vassalboro, ME

- I have ordered over $1000k of product from Heritage over the last 5 year and love their stuff! We are a custom home "natural builder" from Austin, TX ... we use their Exterior Finish for exposed wood, Original Finish for interior wood and for sealing clay floors. Service has always been prompt and professional. Thanks Heritage! - Kindra Welch, Clay Sand Straw, Austin, TX

- I sell Heritage Natural Finishes in my store, so I hear from customers all the time how great this oil is. I also have first hand experience with using the oil which we used on all our exterior wood work and also on our kitchen countertops and island. We are very happy with the finish. - Sheryl Lock, Handcrafted House, Durango, CO

- I have a retail store and sell Heritage Natural Finishes’ products. They are a dream to work with, being very responsive to questions and concerns that my customers or I have. The top tier contractors who shop in my store use their products for cabinetry, doors, trim, and outdoor decks. I highly recommend their products to anyone in need of a superior wood finish. - David Wollner, The Green Store, Eugene, OR

- Heritage Natural Finishes has been such an important part of our building process. We're constructing an octagonal gazebo to cover a community fire pit. It's a roundwood post and beam, and our crew harvested the Douglas fir and peeled the logs in the spring. Autumn taught us so much about working with round wood structures. Before connecting with her we thought that the wood would not take an oil because it was so green and full of sap. Autumn let us know that rather than encouraging the wood to dry, we needed to slow the process, and her special tung and citrus oil based finishes are designed specifically for green and round wood structures, especially when coupled with wax to seal cuts and the ends. It was so easy to apply, smells FANTASTIC and looks beautiful. Thank you, thank you, Autumn! - Sharon Brown, homeowner, Olympia, WA

- Also check out the great coverage and positive mention the the DIY TV Show Building Belushi, starring Jim Belushi. Thanks!

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