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We are Heritage Natural Finishes, formerly known as Land Ark NW. We have the same great finishes and excellent customer service you are used to, just under a new name. We pride ourselves in making and selling the wonderful products famous for its lovely orange smell and beautiful, lasting results. Read More...

This is our best per gallon price on our Original Finish ($45/gallon), which is great if you're finishing an entire timber frame! 55 gallon steel, epoxy lined drum with 2 standard bung openings in the lid. Ships with a Freight carrier.
A 4oz sample size of our most popular oil finish. The Original Finish was designed specifically for big timbers in mind, but works well on so many surfaces. Give it a try!
Our most versatile finish, designed for big timbers and logs but great all over! Easy to work with and quickly penetrates many wood types, offering lasting protection. Packaged in a 3 gallon steel pail with pour-spout lid.
Our Exterior Finish, which is our Original Finish with a UVA and mildewcide, works great for all outdoor wood applications. One gallon.
Our Exterior Finish is our
Original Finish with a UVA and mildewcide added for the extra protection in outdoor
wood applications. 5 gallon steel pail with pour-spout lid.
A box with our four primary oil finishes: A 4 oz. glass bottle each of Original Finish, Exterior Finish, Concentrated Finishing Oil, and 2 oz. of Liquid Wax End Sealer. Our richest product we make! Our Liquid Wax End Sealer is a great joinery/end grain sealer and a beautiful, lasting buffing wax for a variety of surfaces. Packaged in a one quart, clear glass round jar with wide-mouth metal screw-top lid. Bulk pricing at $26/gallon. This is our 100% pure, raw Tung Oil that we use in all our finishes, sold separately for it's wide variety of finish applications. Best applied diluted with Pure Citrus Solvent. Packaged in a 5 gallon lined steel pail (not in the plastic pail pictured).
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