We simply adore wood in all of its forms, which is why we are so committed to making the finest finish to celebrate wood’s enduring beauty. From timber frames, fine furniture, rustic antiques, siding, decks to basically anywhere you want to use wood, we have a finish for that. We are committed to keeping our products safe for those who work with them and especially for those who live with them in their home by using only the highest quality natural ingredients we can find. We have looked back through history to find the world’s greatest wood finishes and have brought them together with a twist of citrus to continue the tradition of richly beautiful, durable and graceful finishes for wood of all types. We work from and are inspired by a place of deep love of craft, heart and community and are committed to our customers absolutely. We want to get to know you so please stay in touch with any questions, concerns, or general excitement about your projects or if we can help in your project planning.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to meeting you!


Autumn Peterson

Owner & Founder Heritage Natural Finishes, LLC

Contact us:
P.O. Box 97
Philomath, OR 97370
1-888-526-3275 toll free
435-213-2232 fax
[email protected]

New Retail Store Location…
1337 Main Street, Philomath, OR 97370

(All orders ship out from our store at 1337 Main St. in Philomath, OR, daily via FedEx Ground)

" I have been a regular customer of Heritage Natural Finishes for many years (formerly called Land Ark). Our timber framing company, SwiftSure Timberworks, recommends Heritage's Original Finish as our first choice to every one of our clients. More than thirty of our clients have chosen this finish for the projects over the past seven years. I applied Heritage's Original Finish to the exposed Douglas fir beams in my own home, and the finish is as rich and attractive as the day we finished the house in 2007. In our company's long history, dealing with Autumn Peterson and her staff, we have found them to be friendly, skillful and cooperative and their customer service has been consistently at the highest level." - Tim Allen, owner SwiftSure Timberworks, Medford, Oregon

(photo on this page was our Original Finish with Mixol Tobacco tint added. Frame by Swiftsure Timberworks)